Adding your company or team logo, or your personal message to a shirt, polo shirt, t-shirt, jacket, overalls, coat or even trousers tells your customers that they're dealing with a quality business.

ID Industrial Supplies has the latest software and computerised multi head embridery machines to turn your logos into high quality embroidery motifs.

Using an embroidered logo not only gives a quality, durable finish; it can also be used on almost any fabric ensuring a great result. There are is no minimum quantity and you can use a maximum of 15 colours in the design. Our state of the art Embroidery Department is vastly experienced and we only ever use the best threads and backings available. We always provide the highest quality service. Unlike other embroiderers, we carry out all our digitising in house, this allows us to maintain our high quality standards and gives us more control over the creation of the embroidered logo, allowing greater accuracy as well as reducing your costs.

Embroidered logos can withstand contract laundering and can be ironed without stitching loosening or any colour loss.