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Custom Self Adhesive Sail Numbers and Sponsors Logos for Yachts, Boats, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Paragliding and Land Yachting

Yachting, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing are all highly visible and entertaining sports  Sails and kites create unique opportunities for advertising, with large surface areas to display logos.  We can produce and supply permanent stick on graphics to any existing sail or kite, 

Sail Numbers and logos are available in sizes up to 700mm high x 2300mm long. They can be made to in a wide range of colours and custom cut from hardwearing vinyl or adhesive dacron sailcloth.

Vinyl graphics are suitable for application to monofilm of laminated sailcloths that are rolled up when stored. Dacron stickers are best suited for woven sail fabrics and graphics for sails that are furled. Dacron is available in many different colours which can be cut and layered to make a distinctive logo or we can print your design directly onto the adhesive dacron fabric.

Dacron is lightweight and is also suitable for Kitesurfing and paragliders.

Custom Sail Numbers
It is now becoming more popular to have bespoke multi coloured designs for sail numbers with custom fonts and coloured borders that are printed or layered cut. We offer a full custom design service or you can send us your ideas and we'll make the numbers for you.
Boat Names

We can also supply full color vinyl graphics for boat hulls.

Prices vary depending on size and material used. Contact us for details

Sail Numbers
Standard Sail Numbers

Sail Numbers and Stickers

Sail numbers are an important way of uniquely identifying a yacht for a variety of purposes. They are a requirement for racing, and could be critical in a search and rescue situation. For these reasons, the RYA recommend that all yachts have a unique sail number.  

When applying sail numbers ensure that the port side numbers (left) are below the starboard numbers (on the right) of the sail. Numbers should be applied on the top third of the sail.


The area of the sail that you intend to apply the numbers to should be cleaned with soapy water and left to dry. 

Lay the sail on a smooth flat surface and use a measure and some masking tape to mark out some guidelines. This will ensure that you put the numbers on straight.

Sail numbers/stickers may be supplied with clear application tape - leave this on for the time being and just remove the backing paper from the numbers/stickers.

Carefully apply the numbers/stickers to your sail making use of the guidelines. Use a credit card or flexible squeegie to smooth out the number/sticker working from the centre outwards to carefully remove any air bubbles. Finally, peel of the clear application tape.