Sublimation Printing
Silk Screen Printing
Vinyl Heat Transfer

Garment Printing

ID Industrial Supplies is able to use a number of technologies to apply printed graphics to textiles:

Sublimation Printing

The dye sublimation method uses special inks to transfer full colour images to fabrics. This process is suitable for white poly cotton garments only. The process gives and excellent result and it is impossible to feel the print when it is on the garment. The other advantage of sublimation is that ironing directly over the print will not affect it. Sublimation is suitable for both low and high production runs. Sublimation can be used to print any type of graphic or photo up to A3 size.

Silk Screen Printing

This is a more traditional method of applying graphics. Initially, the image/logo must be split into its different colour segments to make a screen tempalte of each colour (max 6 colours). Each colour is then applied separately to the garment. Due to the initial set up process this type of printing is more economical for higher volume production runs of 30 garments or more. 

Screen printing can be applied to coloured garments and works best on cotton or poly/cotton mix fabrics, including t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, gymsacks, tote bags etc. Once applied the print is very robust and has a has a slight raised feel to it and the garments must be ironed inside out. Silk screening is best suited to larger print runs.

Vinyl Transfer

Vinyl transfer technologies have vastly improved and now as robust as screen printed alternatives. Designs must be converted into vector graphics format using Computer Aided Design CAD to create a path for a Computer Aided Manufacturing CAM machine to cut out. The machine will then cut text, shapes or silhouettes from the vinyl which is then heat applied to seal the graphic into the garment. Different colours of vinyl can be applied to each design to create multi coloured logos and there are many different types of vinyl to choose from including glitter, holographic and reflective.

Our vinyl printing and cutting machine is also able to print full colour graphics onto vinyl's using robust permanent inks.

It is ideal for producing sponsors logo’s & squad numbers on football shirts, waterproof/nylon jackets & personalising leavers hoodies, club & schoolwear with individual names or initials as an alternative to embroidery.

Vinyl designs can be applied to a wide range of coloured garments. Vinlys are extremely robust and will last the lifetime of the garment. Vinyl transfers have a slight raised feel to them and the garments must be ironed inside out. 

Direct to Garment Printing

Our Direct to Garment (DTG) printing process can print full color images directly onto white or dark coloured garments. The technique uses the latest garment printing technology and special inks (including white ink). This technique permits unparallelled printing capability, giving rich, bright colours with gradient fades.This is a cost effective way of printing onto garments without need for setting up expensive screens, so is suitable for both small and large print runs. Submit your designs to us in PNG format max print size 16"x20"/406x508mm

Plastisol Transfer

Plastisol transfers are robust screen printed transfers that can be applied to garments. The transfers can feature full colour designs. Customers can bulk order transfers and have them applied to garments as and when they need them. This cuts down on the initial garment investment, but allows for repeat orders.