Embroidered Corporate Clothing

ID Uniforms provides Wirral's biggest range of Corporate uniforms. There are many advantages to having corporate uniforms:
  • Your staff will become walking billboards for your brand. When they go to get lunch or go to appointments, potential customers will be exposed to your company through the branding on their uniform.
  • Your employees will stand out in a crowd. This is particularly important at trade shows and other marketing related events.Your staff will also be unique and distinct as no one from the general publicwill have the same outfit as them.
  • Your staff will be on time! No more wasted time trying to select an outfit in the morning.
  • If you register a Non-Compulsory Uniform with the Inland Revenue you may be exempt from Tax on any contributions made towards the uniform.

Benefits to Employees
  • Employees feel a sense of unity. Why do you think sporting teams, the army and schools all have uniforms? By putting on a uniform employees feel like they are adopting a different persona. There are certain industries that have completely migrated to uniforms such as the hospitality (e.g. hotels, bars and clubs) industry where uniforms are seen aspart of their service provision.
  • Uniforms have a positive impact on people's behaviour - when they are wearing a uniform they know that their behaviour may reflect well or poorly on their employer and are therefore more conscious oftheir actions.
  • Uniforms promote equality - there is less pressure for employees to spend money so they can look a certain way.
  • There are some tax benefits to employees as they may be able to claim tax allowances for purchasing a Non-Compulsory Uniform if it is registered with the Inland revenue.

Benefits to Customers
  • Uniforms also help your customers; they know who to approach for help. Uniforms are particularly important for events because your customers may be at a location unknown to them and if everyone is dressed casually it becomes awkward trying to work out who is actually hosting the event.

The important point to remember is that a Uniform does not equal boring. Times have changed from the hi-waisted pleated front ladies pants that were the only style available; there are now much more designer styles available. Low-rise pants are common now as are many of the latest fashion features and trends. Corporate Uniforms tend to follow current fashions and trends so if hem lines are up then so are the hems in the Uniforms available.  

Naturally, Uniform styles will always lean towards the classical middle ground so they will last the test of time as far as fashion trends go, so the financial investment is justified in the long term. The fact that Uniforms provide your staff with corporate apparel that is approved by management is an important aspect especially when you take into consideration how important image and client perceptions can be. In appropriate attire can really test business relationships so if that has ever been an issue then Uniforms are the solution.