Scott Z3HME Zone 3 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders (Nagging wife effective!)

Helmet mounted models offer perfect integration with safety helmets and enable the creation of a total head protection combination. ID Uniforms offers a full range of safety helmets and helmet mounted face protection, which integrate seamlessly with Zone 3 ear defenders; whilst featuring positive engagement, easy size adjustment and low profile airing/park positions. 

Zone 3 offers an effective and comfortable solution for use in extreme noise level environments, such as, using pneumatic tools, compressors, working close to diesel or jet engines or concrete drilling applications found in mining, oil & gas, energy, utilities, aviation, rail transportation and general heavy industry. Zone 3 offers the highest level of protection and can be trusted to effectively attenuate at all frequencies, even low frequencies, which are particularly challenging to attenuate.

Scott Z3HME