EAR Classic Refill Bottle

The 3M™ E-A-R™ Classic™ Refill bottle contains 500 pairs of ear plugs which are made from a soft energy absorbing polymer foam providing excellent hearing protection and all day comfort. Ideal for use where noise is a problem, either in work or leisure activities.

Hearing Protection Style Refill bottle for 3M earplug dispenser 
Uncorded Earplug
Attenuation Rating (SNR) 28dB
Protection Level 87dB(A) - 98dB(A)
Hearing Protection Type Roll down Earplug - 3M E-A-R Classic type
Working Environment High Temperature area 
High Humidity area 
Continuous / Long exposure to noise 
General Industrial Use
Packs/Unit 500 pairs per bottle
EAR Classic Refill